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ArtWRKD art consortium is hosting an experiential exhibition where Bespoke Fashion meets Art and Fiber is king.


Wearable Art and Fiber Exhibition that will run through May 31st at ArtWRKD Exhibition Space at 128 South State Street. This fashion and fiber exhibition will highlight the incredible artistry in Bucks County and beyond. 

Fiber Exhibition featuring textile artists Mary Schwarzenberger, Katie Truk, Mary Tooley Parker, Lucine and Jessy Ridgeway.     

Wearable Art Artists include, Yenna Hill, A.Recherche, Lucine, Gail Sorkow, Kevin Kroupa, Jessy Ridgeway, Keith Michael Murphy, Jessica James, Emma Powell, Mona Madl, Mildred Miller, Lia Nielsen, Nikki Beck, Erika Rachel, Tristan Waite, CAL



Wearable Art Fashion- Digital Presentation


Jessica Nwalozie (Jessica James) is a Nigerian based freelance illustrator, designer and 3D artist. She specializes in transforming 2D digital illustrations into 3D virtual garments and also creates realistic characters and environments to simulate an eye-catching virtual experience.

I've always believed there's so much more fashion can be and with the growing acceptance o
f virtual/augmented realities, this is only the beginning and super great because I believe it's a more sustainable approach to fashion the use of technology in this way.


Lucine Kaplan (AKA Madam Frog, Mother of the House of Consent), from the Newtown Borough, developed the medium of Pantyhose on Velcro (as seen in the gallery) in 2013 and won multiple awards early-on around Bucks County. Since, her work has sold at Art Basel Miami (Aqua, Basel House, and more), and currently shows internationally and multidimensionally across visual mediums.

Ekphrastic Exhibition

The Ekphrastic Exhibition will run from

June 9th - June 30th

It is the marriage of poets and artists. The exhibition will feature new collaborations, and work developed by artists CAL, Erika Rachel, Cay Maria Adams and more.

When You Take Yourself Away

Erika Rachel

Erika Rachel - When You Take Yourself Away - 31x44 - 2019-email (1).jpg
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