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Freeman's Auction House


Invite you to Preview the 2023/2024

Modern and Contemporary Art auction.



Opening Reception

October 19th

Thursday evening 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

128 South State Street


 Freeman’s, in collaboration with Ashara Shapiro and ARTWRKD, invite you to preview select works at the ARTWRKD Exhibition Space, from our Fall/Winter 2023-2024 fine art sales to be held in Philadelphia, beginning with our November 5 Modern and Contemporary Art auction.

From ceramics by Keith Haring to canvases by celebrated Pennsylvania artists, this special exhibition includes works by American and European artists from the 19th through 21st centuries. Freeman's specialists will be on hand to answer any questions about the works on view, today's art market, or the auction process.


From The Inside Out;

The Betrayals of Family

Group exhibition

Opening Reception

October 27th 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition on View October 27th - November 5th

Exhibition Prospectus:

 Theme Expansion: Family betrayal is a theme that resonates with artists on a profoundly personal level. It calls for an exploration of the innermost emotions, experiences, and stories that have shaped their lives. Each artist participating in this exhibition brings a unique perspective, shedding light on the multifaceted aspects of this theme. 


Artist Perspectives: Personal Journeys: Some artists may draw upon their own experiences of family betrayal, using their artwork as a form of catharsis. Expect to see pieces that intimately depict their struggles, resilience, and healing. 


Metaphorical Expression: Others might approach the theme metaphorically, using symbolism and abstract concepts to convey the feelings of betrayal and the subsequent impact on relationships. 


Societal Reflection: Certain artists may choose to explore broader societal issues related to family dynamics, exposing the complexities of betrayal within the context of cultural norms and expectations. 


Historical and Cultural Layers: Artwork might also delve into the historical or cultural dimensions of family betrayal, examining how it has been portrayed or addressed throughout history. 


Artistic Mediums: This exhibition showcases a diverse range of artistic mediums, from paintings and sculptures to photography, digital art, and mixed media installations. Each artist's choice of medium serves to amplify their message and emotions, offering a captivating visual and sensory experience. 


Conclusion: "From the Inside Out: The Betrayal of Family" provides a unique opportunity to explore the deeply personal and evocative interpretations of family betrayal by a group of exceptionally talented artists. We invite you to engage with their work, reflect on the myriad of emotions it evokes, and perhaps discover your own connection to this universal theme.

James Feehan

Solo exhibition

Opening Reception

November 9th 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition on View November 9th - November 19th

"For as long as I can remember James Feehan’s magically surreal scenes have populated the landscapes of our river towns. His worlds are ethereal by nature but his figures are pensive- even if expressing delight. His work touches on an idea of narrative that invites the viewer in- they are warm- even if dark, familiar - even if they are mysterious. Feehan occasionally uses subtle historical troupes that are rewarding for the versed art historian but are not so esoteric that greenhorn art-appreciators feel neglected.

I have always found myself in awe of his very unique artistic voice. It’s a song where the renaissance cross dresses with American folk, while leading the surreal into a spin of the uncanny to bring us something unexpected, new and contemporary."

Written by Graham Preston

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