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Represented Artists

At ArtWRKD, we proudly represent artists who are true visionaries and modern alchemists. Their work resides in a ruleless space where storytelling reigns. The work is captivating, and their impact on the world of visual arts is undeniable. We are passionate about showcasing their exceptional talents and providing a platform for them to connect with art enthusiasts and collectors. 



My work explores the relationship between myself, and the discourse in current culture. With influences spawned from the eyes of ADHD and anxiety, new synergies are synthesized from both frantic and deliberate dialogues. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of the universe. What starts out as vision soon becomes corroded into a manifesto of lust, leaving me into a sense of anxiety and chaos , and the inevitability of relief. As intermittent derivatives become clarified through frantic and critical practice, I am then left with a clue to the complexity within my own soul.


An Artist in Residence, represented by ArtWRKD and raised a few blocks from the gallery in the Newtown Borough. Lucine is virally and internationally known to be the first-and-only artist to work with pantyhose as a 2D fiber art medium. Spanning her career over 11 years on the conceptual grounds of feminism and fashion in fine art.

SHEER JOY showcases a compositionally sound body of work, divided into two collections: RIPPING THE SEAMS, exploring the relationship between the history of hosiery with feminist movements; and LIBERATION, reimagining  the story of the Wizard of Oz.



A Brooklyn-bred Pop Artist now based in Philadelphia. Jae's work is a perfect reflection of the energy of city life, infused with vibrant hues inspired by street art. He's a self-taught artist who combines the elements of graffiti art into his work. His pieces are unique and capture the fleeting emotions and thoughts of the moment.


Michael Palladino is a mixed media artist from New York City, USA. A graduate from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, he has extensively experimented with various media including printmaking, sculpture, photography, and woodworking.

The result focuses on enhanced digital photography (often encased in encaustic wax), and carved wooden reliefs (often charred, with encaustic inlay). With his studio on the Delaware River, his work leans towards abstraction, is inspired by nature,
with a concern for the environment.

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Featured Artists

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