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Blue Bird Day or Discussions with the Universe.

Today there is an underlying pulse. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, or it's intention, but I can sense it sailing through the ground we are walking on, patterning the soil. It feels curious, even a little mischievous as Fall settles in and we advance towards change. I have always loved Fall, when there is so much transition. I like to imagine changing with the season, growing toward more knowledge, acceptance, and letting go just a bit more...

ArtWRKD has become a home where curiosity is champion. The space has drawn in those who have been quietly next to me the whole time. Artists are emerging, lovers of all things different are emerging, those that seek truth and change and beauty are emerging. And connection... so much desire for connecting.

To me, there has always been something innately gorgeous about working with my hands. Manipulation, creation, problem solving, fitting, seeing, it all brings me purpose. Idle hands lead to idle minds and that sits so squarely in my truth. Being at ArtWRKD these couple weeks, it seems I am not alone. There is so much desire to work with one's hands, to be intentional in creating. There is an ArtWRKD tribe unfolding and it is lovely. Come join us.

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