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The settling in.

This has been swirling in my mind for the last couple weeks. This idea of settling in. Finding footing in this new space, with these incredible artists, thinking or overthinking every minute detail. This idea that now the work begins keeps returning. In actuality it has been working for many years. The spiderweb I have created of colleagues, experiences and collective purpose is showing itself more readily now.

I am realizing the strengths of this space, the innate gifts as well as the things to overcome. The stairs scare people I have discovered. So I know now, that those that make the climb are among the bravest. I like knowing that and hope over time others will realize it is merely a portal to some magic. It is a welcoming eclectic mix of statements about societies' brilliance, natures ornate beauty, an individual finding their footing in this world and celebration. Ultimately it is a space of moody celebration.

My hope is the community feels comfortable coming in and enjoying the art as you would a museum, a momentary space of solace in the business of the day. If something speaks to you, it was meant to be and you will know it. I think over time this will be realized, all good things take time. In the in-between, I place blocks on top of blocks, ideas take form, and so many more are at the ready.

For now, on this Fall Saturday, I am here, settling in with you.

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