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Sitting here on this rainy Friday, watching the beads of water run down the window, I keep coming back to a comment from one of the incredible artists in the ArtWRKD gallery. She said that she feels so comfortable speaking to me, having her work here, the openness she feels and how other gallery owners are not like that. There is a coldness or aloofness to the interaction. I have sat with that today, in the space of reflection. I was so touched by that acknowledgment. That here, in this space, my focus is not only on the art and the talent and diversity of mediums, but also on the artist themselves. I want to understand what informs their work. I want to understand where they see themselves heading. What are the individual journeys and how can I lift them up, offer support.

Some of us are focused on expansion, the growth and depth of our minds, of our crafts, of our vision. This is what I am drawn to. I am drawn to this idea of movement towards, advancement of person. The idea of pushing boundaries. I think and talk about that a lot. What rules can be broken. Who made those barriers and to whom do they serve. Why do we struggle accepting new things and how do we manage fear. What holds us back from the risk of greatness? These are questions I ask of myself often. Why say “no” more than “yes”. What have we missed in our attempt at protection.

This project has remained rooted in the idea of organic direction, in the concept of diversity and acceptance. This space remains holy and accessible and will continue to offer the unexpected.

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