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Mental Sorbet.

A musician and creative friend of mine, who pops in for a studio visit from time to time on his travels, found me in full on 90's rap mode after a six hour curated art hang for one of ArtWRKD Founding Members Commercial space. He however, had brought his traditional tribal flutes to share as we had spoken of them during our last tete a tete. This calls for a palate cleansing to shift gears and listen fully to what he was about to play. Hence, the concept of Mental Sorbet was born.

We pontificated on the many perfect uses for the term "Mental Sorbet" from band name to poem, but the idea has stayed with me farther than his company. How best can we offer ourselves this idea, this cleansing, so we can be present for the next space required of us, instead of piling concept on top of concept and be sitting in the muddy middle of convoluted ideas.

The more I think on this, the more I find this invaluable. Immediately what comes to me is being lost in something, like certain music or act of expression or immersed in nature. Those are the places for me that create pause. I feel that way in my studio, and have had workshop members say that about entering the ArtWRKD space, that it feels zen, good energy etc...

Perhaps, ArtWRKD is offering some "Mental Sorbet" for the community. That would bring me joy, to know the pause desperately needed is just around the corner.

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