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Updated: Oct 15, 2022

I was reading Jill Kearney’s “An offering of gratitude”, her remarks at the ribbon cutting ceremony of The ArtYard in Frenchtown, a place that I adore and that blows its way into my soul and stays awhile. It was not only lovely in its narrative but was cheeky and honest and refreshing. Reading about the triumphs and the difficulties and the ever-revolving knowledge one needs to do something fantastical and something that matters. It is the space between what you must say, and how the saying unfolds in our hands as we create.

All artists know this, we hold a drive inside us, an expression that only we can accomplish, and it must be heard. We are literally driven to expression. It is what keeps us up at night and makes us see the world through our very own eyes. The ones only we own. That driving insane desire has fueled all our lives. It fuels us as a creative collective, it fuels us as individuals. Reflecting on all the stops I have taken in my life; I am reminded that there has always been that flame of expression. It would rear its heat in every decision I made, in every conversation. I was solely focused on possibility. The what if of communication, of chance, of circumstance?

It takes only the bravest of us to stop the beat of the world and question why. We question does it have to this? What if we moved in empathy or love or possibility? This conversation, this marriage of what was that informs what will be, devours my inner monologue. I am incredibly curious. I want to hear what others think, how those thoughts are manifested. What is the creative conversation and how does this world look to you? What are your pains and triumphs, joys and loves and what is the heat you feel?

Some of us need grounding and space to have connections and conversations, a space dedicated to creative expression. A lair of sorts, where one can enter a sacred space and feel the air of the day just dissipate off their skin. A fresh moment of infinite possibility. This is the space being created at ArtWRKD. It is a home for all forms, conversations and possibility of creative expression. It is a space to take some with you, share some and process what needs processing. Did I say sacred already? Yes, it will feel that way and I welcome you all into it.


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